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Photo and text courtesy Coda Managed Homes

Spring is upon us (albeit cold) and many homeowners completely forget about the outside of their homes when it comes to spring-cleaning.

Greg Cohen and Otto Magdanz from Coda Managed Homes, a boutique home management company dedicated to property maintenance, put together some helpful tips to help homeowners catch winter damage early:

- Winter weather can damage roofs by tearing shingles off and cause water leaks. Catching these early can prevent roof replacements

-  Frozen water trapped in gutters can cause leaks as well, and an initial spring inspection may mean you can fix any leaks rather than wait and need to replace your gutters

-  Paint damage can be caused by winter storms and snow, which can lead to wood rot, meaning further repairs in the future

There are many other spring maintenance inspections that are recommended for one’s home. Greg and Otto are available for interviews to discuss these; please let me know if you would like to schedule an interview or receive additional tips via email.

Greg and Otto have established a broad network of the top specialists in home maintenance and repair, making it extremely easy for their clients to have any home project done with just one phone call—and ensuring that they’ll get the right people for the job -- without the worry for their clients.

Coda Managed Homes specializes in high-end home management of residences in Wellesley, Weston, Newton, Brookline and other select towns in the Greater Boston area. Coda provides an unparalleled level of personalized in-home services that include: dedicated, qualified staff to execute any project on time and within budget; on-call experts to provide solutions to maintenance questions; and perpetual home care while your home is unoccupied.

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